Featured Artist

Our featured artist this month is Gregorio Nocon, he is an LA based artist working in our San Pedro studio. Nocon fist started his art career with drawing and painting and he still takes painting classes to this day. Nocon has worked with clay for about 5 years now, he first got into ceramics from working at the Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles where he fell in love with clay. Nocon focuses on large hand built forms that take weeks to complete. His main choice of clay is Soldate 30 which Blue Water Clay gets from Aarvark Clay in Santa Ana. Nocon’s favorite clay is Soldate 30 because it is perfect for his large hand building; the grog in the clay helps him build tall and thin. Gregorio Nocon finishes his pieces with carefully placed shapes and patterns using different colored under glazes which he applies before the bisque firing. For the finishing touch he dips or pours clear high fire glaze and lets it dry to then brush off excess glaze to make sure there is thin coat around the piece and the under glazes show bright and vivid once fired. Nocon’s pieces are a great representation of Mid-Century Modern Abstract Art, the shapes and patterns give it that 50’s graphic design.